The BEST Natural Anti-Inflammatory

The BEST Natural Anti-inflammatory

If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to find the Best Natural Anti-inflammatory. 

Some of us, despite good nutrition and a low-inflammatory diet, have congenital structural issues that still affect our lives. In the midst of my back’s attempt to kill me, THE BEST advice was given to me by my new Myopractor. It’s simple. It doesn’t rip apart your stomach like NSAIDS (advil, aleve).  It’s amazing!  



His advice was that I put it in my green smoothie or juice.  So, I tried it and
It was disgusting. UGH!
If you like the taste of ginger I will now assume you are Satan.
So, I sat down and stared at that Ginger and tried to figure out how I could get that nastiness
into my body without tasting it.  
Hmmmmm. (thinking, thinking)
I remembered that I had tried powdered ginger capsules before, but they never worked.  
I decided to go buy some empty capsules and fill it with fresh ginger!  It worked! 
Yeah, I’m pretty much a genius.
I shredded the Ginger first, of course.  – where to buy a ginger grater.
Here’s what it looks like.  It’s a disgusting heap of shiz, but it’s about to get awesome.
Grabbed my capsule. – where to buy capsules
Opened it up…are you with me still?  p.s. these are not my manly hands.  They are my husbands.
And stuffed all that nasty goodness inside.  I closed it on up and swallowed it.  P.S. that’s my hand.
Guess what? 
It knocked my inflammation out of the park!  Who’da thunk that a silly think like Ginger could do that!
Now I just continue to take it as a supplement once a day.  Except today, because I woke with my back being a little naughty, so I upped it to 3x’s a day.  I’m already feeling better.  
TRY IT!  You will be amazed at the results.
UPDATE October 2013: It’s about 1 year later and I am still AMAZED at how wonderful this works!  Now I just grate about a teaspoon and swallow it whole with a big gulp of water.  I’ve stopped using the capsules.  Sometimes I’ll go a month without needing it, and then I’ll have days where I’ll double up.  We just visited Disneyland as a family, and I was super nervous about all that walking so I took 2 tsp. at night and morning and I felt ZERO inflammation or pain.  I’m telling you, this stuff works!

FAQ’S about Ginger:

Q: Does it have to be fresh? Won’t powdered ginger work the same?
A: In my experience, powdered ginger does NOTHING for me. The key here is fresh ginger. I just purchase it about once a month at the store and keep it in my fridge. Totally worth it.
Q: Do I have to stuff it in a capsule? Are there bigger capsules?
A. You don’t have to use a capsule at all, in fact, now I just grab about a teaspoonful and swallow it with a big gulp of water. There are bigger capsules out there, like here.
Q: What is the recommended dosage?
A: I don’t take it every single day, I only take it if I feel stiffness or inflammation and in that case I’ll take 1 teaspoon anywhere from once a day to four times a day. I usually feel a reduction in inflammation and pain-relief within 30-45 minutes.
Q: Does it hurt your stomach? I’m worried that much ginger will give me heartburn?
A: Because ginger is also an anti-emetic (anti-nausea), it is great for the stomach. I’m sure it’s possible to eat too much (just like anything else), so just listen to your body. In my experience, swallowing a whole teaspoonful doesn’t cause me any kind of indigestion or heartburn at all. If you already have heartburn issues, I recommend you read my post on 6 Natural Ways to Stop Heartburn.
The BEST Natural Anti-Inflammatory