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Recipe | The Easiest Homemade Bread in HISTORY

Have you ever wondered… How your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother made bread? I can see her now, gently kneading the dough on her old wooden table and baking up a lovely crusty…

Natural Relief for Back Discomfort

Natural Relief for Back Discomfort

Raise your hand if your back hates you. With my history of muscle dysfunction, degenerative discs, & back surgeries, I’ve really been through the gamut of pain management and back relief….


Goat Milking Supplies

There is a surprising lack of information online about goat milking supplies!  I can tell you’re shocked. When we first dove into the world of goats, we had absolutely NO clue…


Recipe | Sweet Balsamic Barbecue Glaze

If you haven’t guessed already… I love barbecue-anything. It’s true. Barbecue sauce is my fave. I’m sorry, but if you say you don’t love barbecue sauce, I’m not sure I…

Choosing a Goat Breed | Weed Em' and Reap

Choosing a Goat Breed

So, you want to own a goat… And you want to own one now. Nothing can stop you! It’s goats you want and it’s goats you must have! No worries,…

Why this Diet Hater is doing Whole30

Why this Diet Hater is doing Whole30

No dairy, no grains, no sugar? I couldn’t think of a worse hell, ma’ friends. But when January rolled around I found myself considering the Whole30 diet. I’ll admit it,…

Don't Fall for the Winter Blues!

Don’t Fall for the Blues: Brighten your Winter with Natural Remedies

I’m just gonna say it… Having the blues during the winter just plain stinks. You’re going along like everything is fine and BAM! Suddenly, you’re not in the mood to…

Our Baby Goats are Born!

We have been having ENTIRELY too much fun with our new baby goats! Lacey, our Nigerian Dwarf goat had 3 little doelings (females) on Sunday, December 14th. Our days have…


How to Butcher a Chicken (The Right Way)

I’d be willing to bet your great-grandmother knew how to butcher a chicken. Am I right? It might be a funny thing to say, but even though chicken is the…

Easy Homemade Gift for under $2 each

Easy Homemade Gifts Under $2

Giving is good for the soul… And giving something homemade can be not only meaningful, but also budget-friendly! I can’t wait to share these easy homemade gifts with you!  Trust…