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Planning Your Garden: The Best Vegetables For Full Sun, Partial Sun and Shade

I truly believe that half the battle in gardening is… choosing the correct location for your fruits and veggies. For years I just planted wherever and prayed things would survive….


How to Build a Chicken Tractor

So you want to raise chickens for meat? Good for you! Home-raised chicken meat is amazing, and truly a different food that what you purchase at the store. I guarantee that…


How to make a Wild Yeast Starter {To Rise Bread Naturally}

Have you ever wondered how people made bread BEFORE packaged yeast? Magical yeast fairies, maybe? Um, no. Not really. The history of bread-making is incredibly fascinating. Wild yeast exists all around…


Planning an Efficient Pasture Rotation for Goats

You know you’re a serious goat farmer… When you spend hours researching and planning an efficient pasture rotation area. In my years owning goats, I’ve learned that raising a healthy…


Homemade Udder Balm Recipe {with free printable label}

Breastfeeding mothers can relate. It hurts to have a milk supply.  And goats are no different. That’s why I created this udder balm to soothe and protect the skin of…


My Favorite Brand of Essential Oils

There’s a reason why essential oils are everywhere. When you find something that’s easy to use and gives you great results, you want to tell all the people. Although I…


How to Grow Strawberries ANYWHERE!

When you live in the desert… You have to get creative. Because I don’t take no for an answer. No siree, I figure out a way to do it, and I do…


Assisting a Goat Birth Delivery {A Video Tutorial}

Can you believe… … that it’s taken us 7 years of goat-owning, over 20 assisted deliveries, and countless little baby goats running around for us to finally film a birth?…


Natural Solutions in the Garden: The Ultimate Guide

You’d be amazed… At how many master gardeners insist that growing food without pesticides is impossible. As a new gardener, years ago, I was discouraged to hear this same rhetoric from trusted…


A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler: Year 3

Here we are, ending our third year of homeschooling! It was harder than I thought to document our homeschooling doings for the day. But, because I’m a diligent gal, I kept…