The Worst "Healthy" Pins on Pinterest

You guys, today is going to be awesome!  Together we’re gonna debunk these horrible “healthy” pins on Pinterest and convince everybody to eat REAL FOOD and then they’re all gonna lose weight and get REALLY healthy and then we will all love each other and hold hands and world peace will begin.

At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Dream big I always say!

So let’s get started shall we?  I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  It’s like gambling for the people without money.  We pin-pin-pin.  Then just a little more….just one more scroll down…eyes. burning. from. staring.

In all fairness the creators of these recipes probably honestly thought what they were creating was healthy.  So instead of gathering them up in a room & salmon slapping them, let’s just politely talk about why these recipes are NOT healthy & spread the word that real food can be simple & delicious!

The WORST “Healthy” Pins on Pinterest:

#1 Homemade “Cream-of-whatever” Soup mix


At first we’re all like, “Yes!  Look at how much money we’ll be saving!  And we’ll be suuuper healthy. Take that Campbell’s Soup!”

Here’s the reason why it’s NOT healthy…

non-fat dried milk — Dried milk is so highly processed that the proteins become denatured and contribute to inflammation.  This process also causes the cholesterol in milk to become oxidized, which scientists have found contributes to the buildup of plaque in arteries.  Real, unprocessed saturated cholesterol found in cream would be a much better choice.
cornstarch — Regular cornstarch purchased at your grocery store is from GMO corn(meaning genetically modified) What’s so wrong with GMO corn?  Read here to find out. Better option?  Instead of searching high and low for non-GMO cornstarch, opt for arrowroot powder instead.
boullion — Boullion is full of MSG (meaning monosodium glutamate) a harmful neurotoxin.  Neurotoxin means bad. But seriously MSG itself has been known to cause learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and more.  Prolly not good.  Prolly.
dried minced onion, thyme, parsley, basil, pepper — The spices are good though so thumbs up on that! (See?  I can be positive.)

Lesson learned: Homemade mixes can be unhealthy too.  Just use real cream, herbs & a bit of arrowroot powder when needing a “cream of something” added to your recipe.

#2 Perfect Portion Plate


Ugh, portion control.  Many people believe this is the key to healthy living and losing weight.  I can promise you that you DO NOT have to measure out your food to reach your goal!  It’s really simple.  Step #1 Eat real food — Step #2 Eat as much as you want WHEN you want until you are full.  And may I just comment on this dinner here?  Dry lean meat. Dry rice.  Steamed veggies (probably without butter) and some cherry/cranberry mixture.  *gag*  No wonder that person has such a hard time sticking to their diet.
When you eat REAL FOOD full of healthy saturated fats, believe it or not, your body actually can feel full on it’s own! Miraculous! Read more about how to do that here, here & here.

Lesson learned: Be free from portion control. Eat whole fat foods.  Trust your body.  And it will thank you.

#3 “Skinny” Cupcakes


Skinny cupcakes?  Made with a cake mix, sprite zero, cool whip & pudding mix?  Wha?????  Man, I am really speechless here.  How in any way possible could this be considered “skinny” or healthy?  I am *this* close to making a facebook group for all the people who pinned this pin just to invite them to my house for a sleepover, make these cupcakes & then bring them all out to my driveway and have them watch as I back over these cupcakes with my minivan.  Then I’ll say I’m sorry for being so dramatic and tell them all about real sugar, real butter, and real whipped cream frosting.  I’ll probably make them a batch of my favorite cupcakes and let them taste REAL skinny cupcakes.

Lesson learned: Don’t fall for the fake “skinny” recipes.  Food is MUCH more than just calories.  If it has processed foods in it, then it is GUARANTEED to make you fat and not skinny.

#4 Low-carb Bean Burger


I love bean burgers and I love guac and I love tomatoes & (what I hope is) sour cream back there — but where is the bun? Seriously are we going back to low-carb people?  Is this 1997 again?  Dang it.  Where’s the real meat aka grass fed or organic?  Where’s my buns?  Not those, the other ones.  The delicious ones.  Again, not those, the other ones!  Whole grain buns do exist ya’ know.  And they are delicious, especially toasted with butter – mmmm.

Lesson learned:  Black bean burgers are yummy, but real meat and whole-grain buns are equally as healthy.

#5 Poor food substitution charts

poorsubchart poorsubchart2 poorsubchart3

Avoid mashed potatoes, muffins made with butter, french fries, peanut butter, butter & ice cream????  Avoid foods that are real, whole & unprocessed?  In my experience, I lost the MOST weight when I ate a lot of these foods, homemade, with real ingredients.  With the middle chart I am not saying that applesauce, greek yogurt, mashed banana, pumpkin puree or mashed avocado are bad for you because they are in fact GOOD for you.  But as a replacer of fat in recipes? Why not just use real fat?  Like butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil, or olive oil?

Lesson learned: Don’t be fooled by low-fat substitution charts or processed foods substitution recommendations.

Guess what?  I just happen to have a REAL FOOD substitution chart for you!  Made by yours truly.

Alas, we have come to the end of my second installment of “healthy” Pinterest fails.  Read up on my first if you’re willin’ and be sure to PIN this so we don’t have to resort to that sleepover plan.

Peace out real food lovers!