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  1. Sarah
    December 20, 2013

    Are you still 120 pounds?

  2. Katie
    December 21, 2013

    Well said! I also am glad portion control is a thing of my past. I just can’t eat sweets like I used to. I have a piece of cake now and get a headache and an upset stomach! I didn’t realize that before I was just used to feeling horrible all the time. My body now monitors itself- I don’t think the holidays will be a challenge.

  3. Sarah
    December 21, 2013

    I have a question DaNelle. When you say that you are totally satisfied does that mean you eat enough to never be really hungry? I’m 19 years old 5’5″ and 130-135 pounds. I would like to be 115-120. I eat real food, have a jersey/guernsey milk cow, make sourdoughs, grow our veggies etc. and I agree with you real food is so deliceous. But I’m wondering if I just eat too much food or why I can’t lose the weight. I know you’re not a doctor but I’d really appreciate any advice you might have for me about how full you get. Do you eat until you’re just not hungry anymore, or until you’re a little full? I love your ebook and blog. Keep up the inspiration!

    • DaNelle Wolford
      January 4, 2014

      I honestly tried not to focus on portions and instead tried to just feel satisfied, so yes, that meant really full. Hope that helps!

  4. patrick
    December 25, 2013

    Eating well just 80% of the time seems too low to me. Means for 4 healthy things I eat I can eat 1 piece of junk food. Which means I cud eat a few pieces of junk food a day. That’s way too high for me (ok during christmas season say–but way too high for a general ratio throughout the year)

  5. Francis
    December 26, 2013

    Over the past five years I’ve become so aware of the food that I eat and what it does to my body. I’ve always been the thin girl that could eat whatever she wanted and never thought about what it was doing to, or for my body. Years later and two children after, my body is slowing down and i’ve developed physical symptoms that needed healing through proper foods. That’s what put me on my food quest. I recently discovered your website and i’m so excited to learn more through you DaNelle! I’m also appreciative of this post on overeating for the holidays. The last two years I started a health kick from Halloween until New Years. Trying to avoid all of the sweets and fun foods. I was miserable! I felt like a child who had her treats taken away while watching all of my friends eating theirs. This year I made up my mind to enjoy and it’s been great! I never really did binge either. I had tastes of my favorite things here and there and then on the week of Christmas I went crazy and enjoyed until I couldn’t eat anymore. It’s been fun and i’ve been happy. Now that it’s over and the sweets are almost gone I am easing back into my old healthy habits.

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