My Beautiful Russian Sister’s Wedding Shower

Growing up in a family of all girls (five to be exact) must have made my parents experts because about 4 years ago they added another sister to the family (and later on, a couple more)!  Let’s just say we’re one big family of girls and don’t worry, my Dad has plenty son-in-law’s.  Lienna is our sweet Russian sister and we love her!  Lienna & Heath are tying the knot in a week (eeeek), and my youngest sisters Candra & Ludmilla threw her a kitchen shower.  Everybody brought recipes and fun kitchen gifts.  You really can never have too many kitchen thing-a-ma-bobs.  I hosted the shower which basically means I didn’t have to do anything buy clean my house (which needed a good cleaning anyway).  Turns out, when you actually clean your windows it looks really good!

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