How I Reversed My Son’s ASTHMA.

How I Reversed my Son's Asthma

It took me a while to get up the courage to write this post.

I didn’t quite want to say my son is cured of asthma, even though we haven’t had to use any inhalers or steroids for over a year. Saying any chronic illness is “CURED” is pretty bold and I felt like “REVERSED” is a much better word. Could my son still have the tendency for asthma? Will he have a flare-up in the future? Maybe. But right now, he’s doing amazing. And I wanted to share his story.

The Merry-Go-Round (also known as healthcare):

It took 6 months of doctor’s visits before my son was officially diagnosed with asthma. He was two years old, and he would become tired and flushed after any amount of physical exertion. He would then complain of a tummy ache, start to cough, and then throw up. It happened like clockwork.

Our family doctor wanted to focus on the tummy ache and recommended a pediatric gastroenterologist, who recommended a endoscopy to rule out any serious digestive ailment. After the endoscopy, we were sent away with a clean bill of health and a “shrug of the shoulders” diagnosis. The only clue we had was that the anesthesiologist who assisted in the endoscopy told us that he noticed our son didn’t have very good “lungs,” not to mention some pretty massive tonsils. He recommended we “check that out” as well. We went away from these string of experiences with a big fat question mark.

“Thanks a heap, Doc! How much do I owe ya?”

Our only solution was to restrict physical activity. Poor kid. Let’s just say we had a lot of indoor fun time. Not very healthy, but as young parents we thought we were doing the best thing for him.

We noticed the wheezing and coughing and subsequent vomiting would also happen whenever he got a cold. One time the wheezing and coughing got so bad that we were introduced by our doctor to the nebulizer, also known as the SPECIAL MACHINE in our family.

Over the course of 6 years, I have literally spent hours administering nebulizer meds to my son.

After the 3rd or 4th cold and subsequent round of prescriptions, my doctor said, “Well, let’s just officially say your son has asthma. But don’t worry. Every kid has asthma these days. He’ll fit right in.” I kid you not.

From my nursing background I was able to use my stethoscope to assess his wheezes and coughs. This helped so much because I could assess his breathing before administering meds. I believe EVERY parent should own a stethoscope and learn how to use one. You will be able to tell the difference between a cough and wheezing and effectively reduce unnecessary medication.

Sickness teaches and nutrition heals.

When my OWN quest for health began and I started to look to nutrition for health, my eyes were opened to a whole new way of living and healing.

Ever so gradually, I made changes to our family’s diet. Our original diet consisted of:

  • Regular meat and eggs
  • Cow’s milk and cheese
  • White flour
  • White sugar
  • Vegetable oils
  • Soda
  • Fishy crackers
  • Organic eggs
  • Raw goat’s milk but still-pasteurized cow’s cheese
  • Whole grains
  • Part refined sugars and part honey
  • Fruit snacks
  • Fruit leather
  • Healthier vegetable oils
  • Soda once a week
  • Fast food once a week

All of this turned into a diet full of…

I was so obsessed with my own healing that it took time for me to notice that my son wasn’t having any more attacks. At first, I thought it was because he wasn’t getting as sick. There really weren’t a lot of colds or flus in our house anymore. Even if there were, they were 1-2 days long at most.

At my son’s 8-year-old checkup, our pediatrician recommended a flu vaccine. Although I did vaccinate my children as babies, I told the pediatrician we would pass. He promptly told me that if my son got this year’s flu that he would literally end up in the hospital. His history of asthma, he said, made it too risky to skip the flu shot. I again declined and he told me I just sealed my fate.

“Thanks a heap, Doc. How much do I owe ya?”

{I would like to say that I am not totally against doctors. I have a very good medical background and also believe there are some amazing docs out there. This one just wasn’t one of ’em.

Well, the doctor was right about one thing. My little Ethan did get the flu.

And it was no fun for about 4 days. But guess what else? He did not get one wheeze or cough or even a hiccup. He had a fever and felt yucky. But that lovely nebulizer stayed stored in the medicine cabinet, where it still sits today.

We’ve gone a year without any asthma medication, except for one time that Ethan became flushed at a soccer game and I freaked out and made him take a puff of Albuterol even though he said he was fine. He wasn’t wheezing at all. I was just being a mama.

The biggest change that I believe REVERSED my son’s asthma was…

I noticed a significant reduction in my son’s asthma when we made the switch to raw goat’s milk. Actually, that was one of the major reasons we decided to raise and milk goats. Since goat’s milk has smaller protein and fat globules than cow’s milk, it digests in about 30 minutes compared with 3 hours. So much easier! My son also had a lot less phlegm from drinking goat’s milk, which I believe is an indicator that it helped with his asthma. Phlegm = inflammatory response.

Before you comment: You may think this milk sensitivity was just a tendency in my son, but in fact MANY asthmatic children have undiagnosed milk sensitivities allergies and improve greatly on raw milk.

When our goats were dry and we had to purchase milk for a few months, we bought raw cow’s milk and he did fine on that too. When we decided to buy some store-bought organic, (but pasteurized and homogenized) cow’s milk, I noticed him coughing right away. Even I felt like I personally had a stuffy nose and phlegm in my throat. Homogenization makes the globules even bigger and harder to digest, which causes a lot of problems.

What I think made the asthma go away altogether was our huge reduction in processed foods. I don’t purchase any processed food anymore, although being kids, they get some probably a couple times a month from a soccer game or birthday party. I let them make their own decision whether or not to partake in that food because I don’t believe in depriving them.

I am confident that as long as we continue with our Traditional Whole Foods lifestyle, continue to drink raw milk and avoid processed foods as much as possible, my son will not be suffer from asthma.


My son went from needing an inhaler and steroid every day, to only needing it when sick or during physical activity, to never needing it.

So take it from me, nutrition can reverse and heal your body. I hope this inspires other moms out there who spend their nights up with that nebulizer that it CAN get better. Just try to educate yourself and be brave enough to make changes to your family’s diet. A little change can go a long way!

You can drink raw cow, goat, or even sheep milk! I’ve tried it and it’s amazing–and I’m super picky! If you’re worried about raw milk, (I was too, at first), know that there are millions of raw milk drinkers out there that do perfectly fine and haven’t once been made sick from the milk. We personally keep our milk very clean and healthy, as do MANY raw milk farmers. If you’re interested in searching for a raw milk source near you, try searching with this Real Milk Finder.

I wish you the best. Remember, changing your family’s diet happens one step at a time. But small changes can bring about great miracles!

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How I Reversed my Son's Asthma